We at NetHotels – Hotel Booking Service take the protection of your privacy and data security very seriously. Here, we would like to explain to you, what information we collect, for what purpose we use it and how we protect your data. These principles of data protection are not valid for web sites on the internet, which you can call up by using hyperlinks on the NetHotels web pages.

1. General information on data protection and the purpose of storage
What information is collected?
° Booking
if you make a hotel reservation with NetHotels, we collect the information from you which is needed to complete the reservation. This includes, in particular, your name, your telephone number, your e-mail address („contact information“), and the date of your arrival and departure as well as your hotel and the type of room you booked („booking information).
° Down payment
Your credit card will be charged with a deposit to the hotel to guarantee your booking. You will receive and pay the total bill directly in the hotel when you are checking out. The down payment will then be deducted from the amount.
° Contact us
You can send enquiries of a general nature to us by using the input field. In order to be able to process these enquiries, we collect your contact information.
° MyNetHotels
You can register at MyNetHotels with your contact information as a user of our website. This registration has the advantage, among other things, of your not having to enter your data again each time that you make a booking. You have the option of cancelling your registration at any time. All you have to do for this is to send an e-mail to We will then delete your contact information. At MyNetHotels, you also have the opportunity of being kept informed by e-mail about travel tips, innovations on the web site, special offers, etc. on an ongoing basis. You can also subscribe to a newsletter here. You are free to select this kind of customer service and to cancel it again at any time.

2. To whom is my information forwarded? 
If you make a booking with NetHotels, your booking information will be passed on to the hotel which you have selected, in order to enable your reservation to be made at all. Beyond this, your data will absolutely not be forwarded to third parties. Your contact information will never be sold or distributed by NetHotels. Because of legal provisions and corresponding judicial or official directives, we are obliged, in exceptional cases, to issue information to the regulatory bodies or courts. This then happens only within the scope of our legal obligations.

3. Information about data security
° How secure is the transfer of data to NetHotels?
All information which you make available to NetHotels is encrypted and transferred, using the 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) process. SSL is a tried and tested encryption system which is used all over the world, and by means of which your browser automatically encrypts your data before sending them to us.
° How secure are my data on the NetHotels database?
We use high security standards for our database and our Internet server, in order to guarantee effective protection against loss, misuse, unauthorised access, publication, modification and deletion of your data.

4. Cookies
Cookies – What are they? Cookies are small information files which are saved by your browser on your computer’s hard drive. They simplify your booking for you when you make a return visit to our website, by automatically displaying frequently used data for you. You can set your browser, so that it doesn’t place any cookies on your computer. It is possible, however, in that case, that you won’t be able to use some of the functions which we offer. However, the basic "Search & Book" functions are also available without cookies.

5. Questions
You can receive information at any time about your information which is stored by us. You have the right to correct, delete and block (incorrect) information. Please correct your contact information at MyNetHotels. However, contractual and/or legal provisions, particularly concerning the implementation of bookkeeping and invoicing, can conflict with the deletion of information. If you have questions about our data protection principles, please contact us at: